handmade in Greece from 100% natural materials

Greece: the land of gods and myths, the country of blue and white

Mykonos: the island of mighty winds and smiling people, the town of impeccable grace and cosmopolitan lifestyle

Meraki: the place where originality and creativity meet with traditional crafts and elegant style

Nestled amongst the lanes of the picturesque Chora of Mykonos, MERAKI is more of an art gallery than a souvenir shop.

Artists from all corners of Greece working solely with their hands, natural materials and traditional tools create unique and stylish works of art.

Paintings and sculptures, jewellery and pottery, a wide variety of ornaments and accessories,  all of them made from diverse natural materials are on display for you to admire.

Our artists and art consultants will be more than delighted to present our collections to you, welcome you with a traditional Greek drink and help you select the items which match your personal taste and style.

Each item is unique and individual, but all of them share the blend of light and warmth, the flavour of Greek aesthetics and the Mykonian summer.

Items which will bring back the memories of your holiday in Mykonos when back home or will be the ideal present for your loved ones who did not share your holiday with you.

You didn’t find exactly what you had in mind? Don’t hesitate to place your special order. We are willing to create a tailor-made piece for you to match your dreams and expectations.

meraki [Greek μεράκι] ~ (n.) putting something of yourself, your soul, creativity and love into your work

Meraki is:

Ποιότητα [piotita] Quality

Kομψότητα [kompsotita] Elegance

Αυθεντικότητα [afthentikotita] Authenticity

Πρωτοτυπία [prototypia] Originality

Ποικίλια [pikilia] Variety

Μοναδικότητα [monadikotita] Uniqueness

Μαστοριά [mastoria] Craftsmanship

Παράδοση [paradosi] Tradition

Mpasoula 2, Mykonos, 84 600

[email protected]  | +30 22894 00545

In Chora, Mykonos from March to October and worldwide delivery all year round

Giorgos Koutroulis

Giorgos was born and raised in Chania, Crete. He studied economics in Athens, Greece, and teaching English in Birmingham, UK. Since then he has been a language teacher, teacher trainer, consultant and manager. He has travelled extensively throughout the globe, but apart from travelling, he is fond of the arts, the theatre, socialising and making friends. One of the greatest loves of his life is Mykonos, which he regards as his home and haven. Giorgos is the owner and manager of MERAKI, but he feels more like the conductor of an orchestra consisting of the wonderful artists of MERAKI.


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Special thanks to the Art Director of MERAKI, Thelxis Theochari, the main project contributor, Paraskevi Kalogianni, and all the other artists and creators of MERAKI.

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